Welcome to The Community!

A Shred Media Creation

The Industry's FIRST "Un-Social Network"

Let's face the facts. Social Media Networks can suck. If you have spent any time in an industry Facebook Group, you know what we're talking about. Half the time it is a dumpster fire, the other half you're wasting time trying to find good content or good people to help take your business to the next level.

After talking with hundreds of professionals including top producers, we found out that most want an online network for connecting, personal and professional development without dealing with all the social media nonsense. With The Community we have created the industry's FIRST online network where the best of the best in the industry can come together to collaborate with others like themselves.

Who is "The Community" for?

✅ Those that want to learn from the best of the best in our industry.

✅ Those that are sick of the nonsense in Facebook groups.

✅ Those that want ACTUAL news and not the click-bait BS that nobody cares about.

✅ Those that want collaborate with others like themselves and mastermind to help grow each other’s business.

✅ Those that are in this business for legacy and impact.

✅ Those with an an abundance mindset.

✅ Those that want a place for personal and professional development.

"The Community" is NOT for

👎🏼 Those that don’t want to execute on what they learn.

👎🏼 Those that don't have a top producer mentality.

👎🏼 Those that want to whine about Zillow, discount brokers, and iBuyers.

👎🏼 Those that want to mix business with being social justice warriors and political commentary.

👎🏼 Those that don't want to put in the work to be the best they can be.

👎🏼 Those with a scarcity mindset.

This is a Movement

This is not just another online platform to ignore and not do anything with. We are about winning, helping each other win, and unifying the industry though collaboration.

What Others are Saying

I recommend following Josh! He has such a passion for understanding people and highlighting their strengths.  — Bryan McKee, Movement Mortgage

I have heard Jason Frazier speak and can tell you that you should make it a priority to attend his events. Jason is smart, articulate, and on the cutting edge of where our industry is going. — Barry Habib, MBS Highway

Someone once said, “People are like elevators, they take you up or bring you down.” Josh does an amazing job taking you up. Learn from his success formula of, “promoting others, not yourself.” IT WORKS! — David Lykken, Transformational Mortgage Solutions

Jason Frazier is the real deal! I've seen him on many stages and have also had the chance to work with him closely - and I have always been impressed with his industry insight, his professionalism and how much he truly understands the struggles real estate and mortgage professionals face. — Katie Lance, National Speaker, Author, and Social Media Expert

Josh is a leading influencer in the mortgage space. He is constantly looking to create excellent content to help out his colleagues. — Kevin Peranio, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

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